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Did you know that vitamin A saves lives? For over 25 years, Nutrition International, based right here in Canada, has provided more than 10 billion capsules of vitamin A for children under 5. This low-cost intervention prevents blindness, strengthens immune systems and has helped hundreds of millions of children around the world grow up stronger and healthier. That’s a lot of Canadian know-how, doing a lot of good ― and it’s time we recognized it.

Nutrition International and Vitamin A by the Numbers

Number of vitamin A capsules that have been provided worldwide since 1997
Number of children who received two doses of life-saving vitamin A in 2018
Number of countries where Nutrition International has reached children with vitamin A supplementation in 2018

Stories from the Field

Vitamin A in Senegal

At a rural health post in central Senegal, head nurse Seynabou Ndiaye strives to ensure every child in her community receives their critical doses of vitamin A. Her success has made her a model for other health workers in the country.

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Our Expertise

Nutrition International is a global leader in vitamin A supplementation, and plays an active role in research and evidence generating in this area. Visit our Knowledge Library to consult our most recent scientific articles, papers, case studies and more about vitamin A.

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Vitamin A in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Nutrition International, along with the national government, has developed behaviour change communications products to promote vitamin A supplementation for children under five among parents and caregivers.

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Vitamin A in action

Vitamin A around the world

Nutrition International works closely with UNICEF and other development partners to support governments in 55 countries to distribute two annual doses of vitamin A each year to children under five. Nutrition International also delivers nutrition technical assistance in 14 countries as well as comprehensive nutrition programming in 10 core countries.

  • Africa
    • Ethiopia
    • Kenya
    • Nigeria
    • Senegal & Sahel
    • Tanzania
  • Asia
    • Bangladesh
    • India
    • Indonesia
    • Pakistan
    • Philippines

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