Micronutrient Initiative Endorses and Calls for Action on Scaling Up Nutrition Road Map

Accountability and good coordination essential for to reduce hunger and undernutrition and save and improve lives

Accountability and good coordination essential for to reduce hunger and undernutrition and save and improve lives

Today, the Micronutrient Initiative endorsed the SUN Road Map, a global effort to Scale Up Nutrition. The Road Map encourages a better focus on nutrition within development programmes, and stresses that the right investments will save lives, improve countries´ economic prospects and increase the prosperity, well-being and potential of all their citizens. The SUN Road Map identifies investments that have been shown to work if implemented within the context of nutrition-focused development policies. More than 100 entities from national governments, the United Nations system, civil society organizations, development agencies, academia, philanthropic bodies and the private sector were involved in the creation of the Road Map.

The Road Map was released at the Millennium Development Summit during a special session hosted by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Micheál Martin T.D., Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ireland. Canada´s Minister for International Cooperation, the Honourable Beverley J. Oda, will be in attendance, along with President of the Micronutrient Initiative, Venkatesh Mannar, co-chair of the Communications and Advocacy Working Group of the SUN effort.

“Without investment and coordinated action in nutrition, the world will not meet the Millennium Development Goals,” says Venkatesh Mannar, President of the Micronutrient Initiative. “Through the SUN Road Map country, regional and international stakeholders will work together to establish and then pursue an effort to Scale Up Nutrition. This is a welcome and necessary effort to ensure we bring billions out of poverty in the coming years.”

The SUN Road Map will be driven by action at the country level in countries who have the most to gain from these actions. This will give those working in nutrition a way to intensify their actions and integrate nutrition efforts into broader action across other development priorities, including health, water and sanitation and education. |

This Road Map anticipates that there will be:

  • multi-stakeholder platforms within countries participating in the effort to Scale Up Nutrition, and that they will become increasingly important as a means to ensure joint efforts and a shared responsibility for results;
  • improved sharing of experiences between countries and regions;
  • joint action by different stakeholders to encourage advocacy;
  • a major effort to stimulate relevant research;
  • harmonized policy guidance;
  • better support for monitoring of progress;
  • better-aligned assistance from development partners;
  • stronger governance and coordination of intergovernmental action;
  • support for individuals as they become leaders for nutrition;
  • a long term commitment by national governments.

The SUN Road Map is available here: http://www.unscn.org/files/Announcements/Other_announcements/FINAL_SUN_Road_Map_FINAL_dn.pdf