MI President presents at McGill Conference on Global Food Security

mannar-mali-sheanutsToday, MI President Venkatesh Mannar presented a special keynote address at the McGill Institute for Global Food Security Conference, in Montreal, Québec.

Mannar’s keynote address, “Improved Food Security with Nutrition: Collective Solutions, Limitless Benefits” highlighted the necessity of improving food security with nutrition and the importance of working together to achieve better results for the world’s most vulnerable.

“The Conference provides an excellent opportunity to explore how we will move boldly in the direction of a world free of malnutrition and work at further bridging the gaps between nutrition and food security to improve and save more lives,” said Mannar. “I am pleased that MI can contribute to this discussion and be an active part of this well-established international conference on global food security.”

The conference saw participants from multiple sectors – including government, students, academics, the private sector, non-governmental agencies, and civil society – come together to explore strategies and solutions to tackle food insecurity and global hunger.

MI is dedicated to ensuring that the world’s most vulnerable receive the micronutrients they need to survive and thrive. Through a variety of initiatives support by the Government of Canada and other donors, MI reaches close to 500 million people every year in 70 countries with life-saving initiatives such as salt iodization, as well as working through country health systems to boost vitamin and mineral supplementation for children and mothers. MI’s vitamin A supplementation program alone has contributed to millions of child lives saved. MI also works with the food industry and small-holder farmers to give needed technical support on the fortification of staple foods with life-saving micronutrients.

Mannar spoke to an engaged audience on the critical role nutrition plays for the growth of healthy populations, the impact nutrition interventions are having around the world, and ways to incorporate nutrition into food insecurity and hunger strategies.

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