A tipping point for MNCH and Nutrition? Reflections on an UN-usual General Assembly

Last week, I joined development colleagues from around the globe in New York for activities surrounding the UN General Assembly, where leaders discussed urgent global issues. While ISIS in the Middle East and the terrifying Ebola outbreak in West Africa were understandably forefront in people’s minds and in media headlines, I am proud that Canada also continued to champion another critical issue: saving millions of women and children who would otherwise die of completely preventable causes.

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MI campaign increases uptake of vitamin A supplementation in Ethiopia

Abyot Abebe, a 28-year-old mother of two boys, was always fascinated by a radio spot featuring a group of excited children playing football. While the spot was in a language she didn’t understand, the universal sound of children playing appealed to her. If it came on while Abyot and her neighbors were enjoying their coffee ceremony, they would all listen attentively.

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MI’s approach to treating childhood diarrhoea in India: awareness, treatment and supply

Vibha Bharti knows she is racing against time. The public health nurse hopes the thousands of women who visit her health centre about 20 kilometres outside the village of Ghatkusumbha in the Bihar state get to her before the rainy season. If they do, they have a far better chance of saving their children from the diarrhoea and malnutrition that too often claims lives during the heavy rains, and throughout the year.

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Study proves childhood diarrhoea management pilot in Bihar, India, is working

BIHAR, INDIA – In collaboration with State Government of Bihar, the Micronutrient Initiative has successfully piloted the Childhood Diarrhoea Management Program to ensure all children have access to zinc and oral rehydration salts (ORS) when they suffer from diarrhoea. Using zinc and ORS to treat diarrhoea has been recognized as a critical strategy by the World
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