More support needed by countries to maximize the benefits of mandatory food fortification

87 countries have adopted legislation to mandate fortification of at least one industrially milled cereal grain with iron and/or folic acid. However, support is still needed by many of these countries in order to ensure sustained enforcement of these legislations as well as quality control ― and that the programs and policies they have put in place are as effective as they can be.

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Kangaroo Mother Care and the Baby-friendly Hospital Initiative: Better alignment so small and vulnerable babies have the best start in life

By Kim Harding, Jenny Busch-Hallen, Archana Chowdhury, Anupriya Shukla Nutrition International (NI) is proud to be joining peers from around the world at the 12th International Conference on Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) in Bogota, Colombia this week as well as recognizing World Prematurity Day on November 17. This is an important time to challenge ourselves
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Breaking down barriers for fathers in Kenya

Among some Luhya communities in Western Kenya, culture and taboos define the role of men and women in families, including the responsibility of the bulk of the role parenting and decisions around how and what to feed children. A man’s role in maternal and childcare issues is hardly discussed. After all, the local belief goes, his main task as the head of the family is accomplished once his wife conceives.

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