Ensuring the delivery of coordinated technical assistance in Bangladesh

Team in Bangladesh

From left to right: Zakaria Chowdhury (NTEAM TA Provider), Dr. Iqbal Kabir (NTEAM TA Provider), Dr. Md. Shah Nawaz (Director General BNNC), Loretta MacKinnon (NI TAN Project Director), Binu Anand (NI TAN Asia Project Manager), Dr. Eadara Srikanth (NI TAN Asia Project Officer), Dr. Md. Akhter Imam (Assistant Director, BNNC), Dr. Delwar Hussain (NTEAM TA provider) and Md. Nezam Uddin Biswas (NTEAM TA Provider)

NTEAM Technical Assistance (TA) providers across multiple assignments in Bangladesh are effectively coordinating to ensure alignment of their work. Nutrition International’s Technical Assistance for Nutrition (TAN) project brought together three teams of TA providers for joint onboarding and regular touchpoints, including a session with a Nutrition International TAN advisor on mainstreaming gender equality. The Nutrition International TAN project team and the Nutrition International Bangladesh country office fostered a coordinated and collaborative approach to TA delivery from the onset to optimize impact. Leading the overarching TA to support the operationalization of the National Plan of Action for Nutrition-2 (NPAN2), NTEAM TA provider Dr. Iqbal Kabir plays an important coordination role among other NTEAM TA providers in Bangladesh.

The effectiveness of this approach was evident and reinforced when members of the Nutrition International TAN project team travelled to Bangladesh in February 2019 to meet with the SUN Focal Point, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoH&FW), the Bangladesh National Nutrition Council partners and NTEAM TA providers.

The visit coincided with the national level multi-stakeholder workshop on monitoring and evaluation review, which was organized and delivered by NTEAM TA providers (pictured above) as part of the support to strengthen multi-sectoral nutrition monitoring and reporting. This is one of the three Nutrition International TAN supported TA assignments underway in Bangladesh including the formulation of the Advocacy Plan for Nutrition aligned with Social and Behavior Change Communication Strategy.

The Advocacy Plan for Nutrition in Bangladesh, developed by the MoH&FW, was launched at the end of March and is expected to strengthen the enabling environment for implementation of the Second National Plan of Action for Nutrition (NPAN2) 2016-2025.

TAN team in Bangladesh

From left to right: Binu Anand (NI TAN Asia Project Manager), Dr. Abu Ahmed Shamim (NTEAM TA Provider), Loretta MacKinnon (NI TAN Project Director), Dr. Mohsin Ali (NTEAM TA Provider), Srikanth Eadara (NI TAN Asia Project Officer).