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Delivering nutrition services during COVID-19: how Nutrition International is working to avoid a looming malnutrition crisis

By Ann Witteveen, Senior Director, Operations The global COVID-19 pandemic, and the measures taken by countries to slow it down, have had a profound impact on the world. Beyond the obvious and much-talked-about health, food security and economic impacts, it’s clear that the pandemic will also bring about a malnutrition crisis for some of the
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Fortification of staple foods is a critical weapon in the fight against COVID-19

By Ravi Menon, Jee Hyun Rah, Sri Kusyuniati, Karen Codling, Becky Tsang, Penjani Mkambula, Sri Sukotjo, Atmarita This is a collaborative, inter-agency piece calling on ASEAN governments to take action so staple food and food products fortified with essential micronutrients remain available and accessible during Covid-19. The authors highlight the existing malnutrition challenges faced by
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