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Engaging with Gender Focal Points in Government and Women’s Organizations Locally

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Authors: Nutrition International
Publication date: April 2020


To support Nutrition International’s (NI) work in gender mainstreaming, promoting gender equality, and girls’ and women’s empowerment through health and nutrition programs, NI has developed this best practice note for a range of in-country implementing partners to engage with national women’s machineries (NWMs) who are key players within national governments. These implementing partners include national, regional and local governments, the private sector, and technical partners across sectors. NI also aims to facilitate engagement between these entities and segments of civil society and non-state actors at various levels. This includes civil society actors representing individuals who receive unequitable access to nutrition, namely women’s organizations (WOs) and girls’ groups.

This note seeks to provide further clarity on what NWMs and WOs are, the best practice principles for engagement with these entities, and concrete examples and additional resources to help NI staff and partners to foster meaningful and productive engagement and partnerships.




Gender, Global, Reports and Best Practices, Women and Girls' Nutrition