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Mapping Information Systems for Nutrition in SUN Countries

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Authors: Kendra Siekmans, Nutrition International TAN Consultant
Publication date: March 20, 2017; Revised Nov 7, 2017
Retrieved from: Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement


This report describes the research undertaken in 2016 to map nutrition related information systems in 57 SUN countries. Indicators that were thought to represent effective and functional information systems were collected and organized into three groups: (1) Government Commitment & Enabling Environment (2) National Assessment Data (3) National Performance Monitoring Data.

These three components and the indicators collected under each component formed a standard framework that systematically assessed the state of information systems for nutrition across 57 SUN countries. The report presents findings in detail for each of the components of this framework.

Overall, this report helps to highlight strengths in information systems in SUN countries as well as identifies gaps. This can help SUN countries prioritize future work and implement strategies to improve monitoring and evaluation of nutrition interventions.

For a summary of the above report and a description of the current status of information systems for nutrition in SUN countries, read the “Summary Report: Information Systems for Nutrition in SUN Countries” (available in English, French and Spanish)

For an overview of methods and sources and a detailed list of indicator definitions and sources of data of the above report read the “Mapping Information Systems for Nutrition in SUN Countries: Overview of Methods and Sources” (Revised February 11, 2017).

For a description of the countries with advanced national information systems for nutrition, read the Guatemala, Nigeria and Peru Country Case Studies. Each case study summarizes the three main elements highlighted in each country, the specific ways that data is used and by whom, the processes and structures necessary to get to this point and a list of practical recommendations for other countries.



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