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Motivation of health workers and their performance at grassroots level and attitude of people towards health services and delivery: findings of a field study in Gujarat & Odisha states of India

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Authors: Manoj K. Raut
Publication date: January, 2017
Source: International Journal of Human Resources and Social Sciences. Volume 4, Issue 1


This paper explores the level of motivation among health workers in two states (Gujarat and Odisha) in India. It also aims to understand attitudes of the public towards health services.

A motivation scale was used to assess the level of motivation among health workers and a semi-structured questionnaire was used to assess the current status of the health facilities and health service utilization, including the attitude of the public toward health services.

The findings of this study provide key insights into motivational factors for health workers and indicate a range of interventions that could be implemented including better coordination between the health care facilities and the panchayati raj institutions. This coordination could improve the motivation of health workers as well as the overall functioning of health care services at different levels.




Asia, Evidence Generation and Policy, Health Workers, India, Research Documents