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A simplified regimen compared with WHO guidelines decreases antenatal calcium supplement intake for prevention of preeclampsia in a cluster-randomized noninferiority trial in Rural Kenya

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Authors: Moshood O. Omotayo, Katherine L. Dickin, David L. Pelletier, Erick O. Mwanga, Jacqueline K. Kung’u, Rebecca J. Stoltzfus
Publication date: October 1, 2017
Source: Journal of Nutrition. Volume 147, Issue 10


This study aimed to test whether a simplified supplementation regimen would improve adherence to antenatal calcium supplements in women in rural Kenya.

The authors conducted a parallel cluster randomized non-inferiority trial in 16 primary healthcare facilities in rural Kenya to compare the mean daily supplement intake associated with two dosing regimens.

The results showed that a simpler, lower-dose regimen led to significantly lower supplement intake than the more complex regimen recommended by the World Health Organization.




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