Putting gender on the table: Integrating gender and nutrition

Nutrition International, through the Technical Assistance for Nutrition (TAN) project, with support from gender consultant Alina Meyer, recently helped integrate gender equality into the Functional Capacity-Building Workshop for Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Focal Points and Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) or agriculture Focal Points held in Stockholm from June 9-11, 2019.

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Ensuring the delivery of coordinated technical assistance in Bangladesh

NTEAM Technical Assistance (TA) providers across multiple assignments in Bangladesh are effectively coordinating to ensure alignment of their work. Nutrition International’s Technical Assistance for Nutrition (TAN) project brought together three teams of TA providers for joint onboarding and regular touchpoints, including a session with a Nutrition International TAN advisor on mainstreaming gender equality.

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Government of Kenya and partners announce an innovative program to improve mother and newborn health

“Linda Afya ya Mama na Mtoto” will save and improve the lives of pregnant women and newborn babies. KENYA – The Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation joined with partners today to announce a new project to support improving access to maternal and neonatal care. The Linda Afya ya Mama na Mtoto project will provide
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