Former president of Tanzania Jakaya Kikwete joins Nutrition International’s Board of Directors

Nutrition International is pleased to announce the appointment of His Excellency Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, the former president of Tanzania, to its Board of Directors.
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How NTEAM's Technical Assistance has incorporated support to national COVID-19 response planning through the TAN project

Without compromising their original objectives and workplans, ongoing or incipient TA are being refined to incorporate the new needs, concerns and lessons emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Field Stories

A community healthcare provider protects residents on the frontlines of COVID-19

Social distancing measures in place at a community clinic in Bangladesh

When Nur Alam was 15 years-old he accompanied an ailing relative to the hospital. It was there he befriended the local doctor who, recognizing his passion and skill, encouraged Nur to work with him at the hospital, giving him his first real taste of patient care.
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Harnessing the power of social media to improve girls’ nutrition knowledge

Ina, an adolescent girl in Indonesia

Ina is a 19-year old girl from Indonesia. Like many young women and girls in the country, Ina didn’t have access to much information about nutrition or dietary practices while she was growing up.
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From the Experts

Fortifying food for a healthier, more resilient future

While the immediate threat of COVID-19 is present, the looming nutrition crisis has the potential to cause even more devastation.
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Delivering nutrition services during COVID-19: how Nutrition International is working to avoid a looming malnutrition crisis

By Ann Witteveen, Senior Director, Operations The global COVID-19 pandemic, and the measures taken by countries to slow it down, have had a profound impact on the world. Beyond the obvious and much-talked-about health, food security and economic impacts, it’s clear that the pandemic will also bring about a malnutrition crisis for some of the
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Nutrition International launches ‘Right Start’ to provide better nutrition for women, adolescent girls and children in Tanzania

Nutrition International launched the ‘Right Start Initiative’ in Tanzania to improve the nutrition and health of women, adolescent girls, newborns and young children in the country through a $CAN 2.8M (4.7B TZS) investment over five years to 2020.
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Address by Nutrition International President and CEO at launch of Right Start Kenya

Nutrition International President and CEO Joel Spicer spoke at the launch of Right Start in Kenya on June 15, 2017.
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