Nutrition International launches bold plan to drive SDG progress

Nutrition International’s $700 million investment case, the first of its kind for a global nutrition organization, will finance the scale-up of proven high-impact, low-cost nutrition interventions, particularly for women, adolescent girls and children.
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Nutrition International and partners submit statement to the UN meeting on Universal Health Coverage

Mother and newborn in India

Nutrition International, as part of the International Coalition for Advocacy on Nutrition (ICAN), submitted the following statement to the Multi-Stakeholder Hearing for the UN High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) held April 29, 2019.
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Field Stories

Seynabou Ndiaye, a child survival champion in rural Senegal, leads the way in vitamin A

At the Touba Mbella health post in central Senegal, Seynabou Ndiaye works diligently so every child in her village has the chance to grow up strong and healthy. Knowing that vitamin A is an important part of that, Seynabou has found creative solutions to ensure no child in her community misses out on their bi-annual doses.
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Changing behaviours for an anaemia-free pregnancy in Indonesia

Midwife Rosina Susianawati provdes anaemia counselling to a patient

In the Manggarai Barat district of East Nusa Tenggara, midwife Rosina Flaviana Susianawati, popularly known as Osi, is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that women in her region have a healthy pregnancy, free from anaemia.
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From the Experts

Nourished mothers, healthy babies, strong societies: Celebrating the power of maternal nutrition on Mother's Day

mother and baby

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate mothers and the power of nutrition in ensuring well-nourished mothers, healthy babies and strong societies. Join us in continuing our efforts to tackle anaemia and reduce the risk of babies born too soon and too small. 
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Doubling Down: Why Vitamin A and Immunization are better together

A child in Ethiopia taking a vitamin A

One of the lesser known life-saving superheroes in public health is vitamin A. As we celebrate World Immunization Week let’s celebrate how vitamin A and immunization are working together to save lives and protect child health.
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Nutrition International launches ‘Right Start’ to provide better nutrition for women, adolescent girls and children in Tanzania

Nutrition International launched the ‘Right Start Initiative’ in Tanzania to improve the nutrition and health of women, adolescent girls, newborns and young children in the country through a $CAN 2.8M (4.7B TZS) investment over five years to 2020.
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Address by Nutrition International President and CEO at launch of Right Start Kenya

Nutrition International President and CEO Joel Spicer spoke at the launch of Right Start in Kenya on June 15, 2017.
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