Bringing nutrition, food security, and governance together: Canada-supported project makes a difference in some of Senegal’s most vulnerable communities

Nutrition International KEDOUGOU Cérémonie de lancement du PINKK 12 décembre 2015

A collaboration built around an innovative, integrated and multifaceted approach to fighting malnutrition for some of Senegal’s most vulnerable communities has improved the nutrition status and food security of tens of thousands of people over the last five years.
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Improving global adolescent nutrition can't wait

adolescent girl in Pakistan

On September 8th, Nutrition International and the SUN Civil Society Asia Coordination Group hosted a webinar to discuss the adolescent nutrition agenda in the context of COVID-19 and beyond.
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Field Stories

Experienced ASHA becomes advocate for double-fortified salt

Santosh with her family

Santosh Sukhram promotes the use of double-fortified salt (DFS) to combat anaemia in women and girls and ensure better health for everyone in her village.
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New mother learns value of quality kangaroo mother care

Roselyn with health worker and baby

Roselyn Nyongesa was 27-weeks pregnant when her water broke and she was rushed to Busia County Referral Hospital, Kenya in February 2019.
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From the Experts

The critical case for food fortification during COVID-19

Food fortification is a proven and cost‐effective intervention for addressing micronutrient deficiencies.
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Protecting breastfeeding during the COVID-19 pandemic

the spread of misinformation is undermining the work of health campaigns and positive nutrition practices adopted over the past decade, including one of the most critical for mothers and babies: breastfeeding.
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Government of Tanzania releases National Biofortification Guidelines to address malnutrition challenge

The Government of Tanzania has released National Biofortification Guidelines in collaboration with Nutrition International.
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Nutrition International launches ‘Right Start’ to provide better nutrition for women, adolescent girls and children in Tanzania

Nutrition International launched the ‘Right Start Initiative’ in Tanzania to improve the nutrition and health of women, adolescent girls, newborns and young children in the country through a $CAN 2.8M (4.7B TZS) investment over five years to 2020.
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