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Doing development differently.

Malnutrition creates often insurmountable barriers to human progress. In more than 60 countries worldwide we take a no-missed opportunity approach to multiply impact without multiplying complexity or cost.

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Our Global Projects

Making every dollar count, one project at a time.

We deliver the greatest impact at the lowest cost by working directly with governments to build local capacity, partnering with research institutions to improve guidance, and breaking down silos between different development sectors as well as the private sector to integrate nutrition into non-nutrition platforms.

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Innovating for change

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By 2030 Nutrition International aims to transform the lives of one billion people – particularly women, girls and children – by improving their nutrition. To do so, we need to change the way we do development. We need to break down silos, disrupt the status quo, and put the people we serve – and the challenges they face – at the centre of all we do.

A milestone to celebrate

30 years of impact

2022 marks the 30th anniversary of Nutrition International. This is an opportunity to take stock of how far we've come, the difference we've made and our ongoing role in building a brighter future.

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