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Our Global Projects

Making every dollar count, one project at a time.

We deliver the greatest impact at the lowest cost by working directly with governments to build local capacity, partnering with research institutions to improve guidance, and breaking down silos between different development sectors as well as the private sector to integrate nutrition into non-nutrition platforms.

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Who We Help

Putting the people we serve at the centre of all we do.

We drive for better, faster ways to get what we know works to those who need it most, by multiplying impact without multiplying cost and complexity.

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How We Help

Transforming lives through better nutrition.

Working as an expert ally to governments, we combine a deep technical expertise with a flexible approach to deliver proven nutrition interventions at scale.

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Delivering the critical ingredients we all need to survive and thrive.

The right nutrition at the right time builds the capacity to dream, it fuels the power to achieve, and it lays the foundation for lifelong health and development.

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Our Technical Expertise

world-leading technical guidance.

The innovative efforts and deep knowledge of our technical teams drive stronger and more meaningful impact throughout all our work as we take on the world's greatest public health challenge—malnutrition.

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