Strategic technical assistance

Working to facilitate the successful scale-up of nutrition interventions and national nutrition programs.

Nutrition International provides quality, timely and coordinated expert technical assistance in the areas of nutrition governance, financing and data to governments, multilateral organizations, development banks and other partners.

Through the Domestic Resource Mobilization Initiative, we supported 11 county governments in Kenya to implement evidence-based, low-cost, high impact nutrition and health interventions through joint planning, budgeting and 50:50 matched funding from participating countries on mutually agreed activities. This model has significantly increased the amount of funds available for health and nutrition in these counties.

In Bangladesh, our technical assistance team worked with the Bangladesh National Nutrition Council to develop the country’s first Multisectoral Urban Nutrition Strategy and to operationalize their 2021 Nutrition for Growth commitments. In Cambodia, we supported the Council of Agriculture and Rural Development to develop the third National Strategy on Food Security and Nutrition, while also strengthening nutrition governance in selected provinces. Similarly, in Ethiopia we provided technical assistance to strengthen the capacity of Ethiopia’s Seqota Declaration Federal Program Delivery Unit.