Letter from the President and CEO

Welcome to Nutrition International's annual report.

2022 was a tough year, with multiple global shocks that we are all too familiar with. What characterized our work as a team this year was seeing the nutrition opportunity within these crises.

The opportunity to engage with countries to understand the major obstacles they are facing in scaling up nutrition. The opportunity to build out our capabilities and strengthen our organization. And the opportunity to deepen our regional engagement and connect it more intentionally with national action.

This is a critical time. The world is facing many competing crises that risk diluting focus on the foundational importance of nutrition, and donor and country budgets are under heavy pressure. In recent years, there has been a strong emphasis on narratives about food, food security, starvation, hunger and treatment that have overshadowed the importance of nutrition, nutrition security and prevention. All of these are equally important, and yet we have lost focus on the most impactful pieces – on the evidence-based, low-cost, high-impact interventions that do the greatest good.

Our mission is to elevate nutrition as a global, regional and national priority and to work with our partners and governments around the world to build a pathway to action, particularly for women, adolescent girls and children. Our more than 30 years of experience in maximizing health and nutrition impact within resource-constrained environments means we have a valuable role to play as allies to government in today’s complex environment.

I’m proud to be a part of the incredibly dedicated team at Nutrition International. I’m proud of what we have accomplished this past year and excited about the road ahead. It won’t be easy, but no journey worth making ever is.

I’ll close with our ‘why,’ which explains why we do what we do at Nutrition International. We’re here to leave the world better than we found it. Love for our brothers and sisters around the world – no matter what they’re going through – compels us to action. While we are here, we will create the maximum light possible.

Thank you for your support and for all that you do to leave the world better than you found it. Keep going!

Kind regards,
President and CEO, Nutrition International