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Nairobi, Kenya – The Kenya National Micronutrient Survey (KNMS) Report was graced on August 2nd by Gladys Mugambi, Head of the Nutrition and Dietetics Unit, Ministry of Health on behalf of Dr. Mohammed Sheikh, Head of the Department of Family Health, at an event that brought together members of the Kenya health and nutrition community.

The survey, for which Nutrition International provided financial and technical support, was administered to establish the prevalence of micronutrient deficiencies, protein-energy malnutrition and infectious diseases among the Kenyan population in order to provide policy makers and program managers with the information they need to effectively plan and implement micronutrient interventions.

For a long time, Kenya did not have current micronutrient status data at the national level despite the high rates of malnutrition. This prompted the Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Dietetics to institute the KNMS in 2011. The data covers both national and rural urban areas.

The launch was attended by staff from UNICEF, the World Food Programme, GAIN, the Kenya Medical Research Institute and Nutrition International.

The report is now officially available and provides the most current comprehensive nationally representative micronutrient status data as well as recommendations that will be useful in program implementation.