Dr. Daniel Mwai is a health finance specialist and a recognized thought leader in health financing, strategic planning, health policy, health economic evaluation and resource mobilization for the health sector in Africa. He is a lecturer of health economics at the University of Nairobi and a director at Future Health Economics and Metrics, a consulting firm that provides evidence for optimal health investment in the region.

For 14 years, he has advised the Kenya Ministry of Health on health financing, overseeing the mobilization more than US$1.2 billion at the national and subnational levels. He served as a lead expert on a domestic resource mobilization initiative in line with Kenya’s universal health coverage agenda and he has guided the development of more than 30 costed strategic plans in the region and beyond.

Dr. Mwai has worked with the public and private sectors, not-for-profits, and key international development agencies. He has provided technical assistance for countries in Africa and the Caribbean, advising on key health programs including nutrition, malaria, tuberculosis, HIV and reproductive health, and has assisted many countries in developing their medium-term nutrition action plans.

He is currently a member of the National Technical Working Group on health care financing and universal health coverage in Kenya, the Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa, and a commissioner of the Kenya Non-Communicable Disease and Injuries Poverty Commission. He is a regular speaker at international conferences and has published scientific publications, government reports and policy briefs.

Dr. Mwai holds a PhD in Health and Environmental Economics from the University of Nairobi.