Dr. Sara Wuehler joined Nutrition International in 2011 and is currently the Senior Technical Advisor for Nutrition International’s nutrition information systems.

In her role, Sara works with country-based collaborators in conceptualizing and designing surveillance activities to improve the effectiveness and relevance of Nutrition International supported programs.

Sara also focuses on building the capacity of individuals in each country to develop surveillance activities that identify program gaps and then use those data to promote improvements for effective programs.

Sara’s goal is to build country-led nutrition surveillance systems that eventually alleviate the need for external technical support from agencies such as Nutrition International.

Sara developed her expertise while training as a food scientist, a registered dietitian, and an international nutritionist and while working on nutrition research in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

She has a PhD in nutrition with an emphasis in International Nutrition and an MS in Food Science and Nutrition. Sara is a Registered Dietitian and a Lactation Consultant.