Protik is the Managing Partner of Helena Special Investments, a problem-solving institution that addresses critical global issues, such as plastics pollution, chronic disease and climate change, through for-profit, non-profit and legislative action. Previously, he was a Partner and Founder of Blue Like an Orange Sustainable Capital and served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Office of the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Health in Agenda 2030 and for Malaria.

During his tenure as CEO of the Office, and prior to that as its Managing Director, Protik oversaw efforts to mobilize and deploy over $3.5 billion of resources to end deaths from malaria in Africa, and to improve child and maternal health in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Protik focused substantially on creative financing solutions and engaging the private sector to enable those solutions, for instance, through the use of backstop guarantees and engineering of interest-rate buy-downs on achievement of independently verified key results.

Prior to this role Protik was at the World Bank where he developed experience and expertise on healthcare and social sector financing as well as worked on project finance transactions, such as those focused on multi-country irrigation and agricultural development. Protik currently serves on the Board, as well as the Finance and Audit committee, of Princess House Inc, a leading direct-selling company that seeks to expand economic opportunities for a largely female workforce across the United States.

He is also a Board member of Big Win Philanthropy, a major emerging UK and US foundation focused on the creation of improved livelihood and job creation in sub-Saharan Africa. Finally, he serves as a Board member of the legal defense non-profit, Brooklyn Defender Services, and the Global Business Coalition for Health.

Protik holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.