Letter from the Board Chair

Leading the charge on nutrition.

Good nutrition is the foundation of development. It supports overall health and growth as well as learning and education, all of which allow people to reach their full potential whether at school, work or in their community. Every facet of every life is, in some way, impacted by having or not having the right nutrition at the right time.

For 30 years, Nutrition International has been helping build a better world by increasing people’s access to the nutrition they need, when they need it. What began as the Micronutrient Initiative, a small secretariat created by Canada, has grown to become a global powerhouse of nutrition action – delivering essential nutrition interventions, contributing valuable data and evidence to the global community, and leading advocacy efforts at every level to increase prioritization and investment.

Nutrition International’s approach of working hand in hand with local governments as an expert ally has resulted in sustainable improvements to people’s nutrition around the world and led to advancements in health, equality and human capital. More adolescent girls have been able to go to school and complete their education. More children have survived and been protected from common life-threatening illnesses. More babies have been born healthier, to healthier mothers, breaking intergenerational cycles of poverty and malnutrition. And families have become more egalitarian, as the traditional gender roles surrounding health, nutrition and care are continually challenged.

Nutrition International has set a goal of transforming the lives of one billion people with improved nutrition by 2030. The opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of millions of people is what drives the Nutrition International team. A drive I have seen in action. I’ve been lucky to travel to Africa to see the tremendous impact that these efforts are having on the ground. The dedication, focus and constant strive to be better is delivering measurable good for so many.

On behalf of myself, and the entire Board of Directors at Nutrition International, we remain committed and eager to support this organization as it continues to grow – creating a better world and building a brighter future.

Best regards,

David de Ferranti

Board Chair, Nutrition International