Strategic technical assistance

Working to advance the effective scale-up of nutrition interventions, and national nutrition programs.

Through the Banking on Nutrition partnership, we have been providing technical assistance to the African Development Bank since 2019 to build institutional capacity and knowledge on the design and implementation of nutrition-smart projects, and to track progress in the investments across five different sectors: agriculture, education, health, social protection, and water, sanitation and hygiene.

These efforts helped to progress the Bank’s goal of contributing to a 40% reduction in stunting across Africa and helped inspire the its Nutrition for Growth commitment of US $1.35 billion for nutrition-smart investments between 2021 and 2025.

In Kenya, we worked with 12 county governments to draft, budget and launch their own nutrition action plans and investment cases. These have served as a roadmap and monitoring tool for county-specific nutrition programs, an advocacy and resource mobilization tool, and a guide for stakeholders on where they can direct their support.

Similarly, we provided technical assistance to strengthen the multisectoral coordination capacity of the Bangladesh National Nutrition Council and Ethiopia’s Seqota Declaration Federal Program Delivery Unit.