Published byNutrition International

Published: March 4, 2021




Despite progress made on health outcomes over time, malnutrition in Embu County remains a major public health problem. The county’s stunting level stands at 26.8%, wasting at 3% and underweight at 11.1% (KDHS, December 2014). However, the county government has demonstrated political commitment for preventing malnutrition by investing in the scale-up of low-cost high-impact nutrition interventions.

With the support of Nutrition International, county leadership and nutrition stakeholders, Embu County has developed the County Nutrition Action Plan (CNAP) 2020-2025, which sets ambitious targets for the scale-up of nutrition interventions over the next five years. The plan identifies priority multisectoral nutrition actions for each sector, defines targets for each intervention, and provides a monitoring and accountability framework as well as costing of interventions, which the county can use for subsequent planning and budgeting.