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Vitamin A supplementation in Tanzania

Vitamin A supplementation aims to reduce the effects of vitamin A deficiency and its associated health consequences, including blindness, increased susceptibility to infections, and child mortality. Biannual doses of VAS reduces the risk of preventable childhood death by at least 12% and can reduce incidences of measles by 50% and diarrhoea by 15% in communities.

Tanzania’s VAS program strengthens the immune system of children under five at risk of vitamin A deficiency, with coverage levels over 90%. Nutrition International, with support from the Government of Canada, is committed to its partnership with the Government of Tanzania to provide operational support, technical assistance and 100% of the national supply of vitamin A capsules.

We spoke with people behind the scenes in Tanzania ensuring VAS is delivered twice yearly through Child Health Days. Watch what they had to say.

Nutrition International has provided the global supply of vitamin A and supported national vitamin A programs for more than 30 years. Learn more about our work in Tanzania.