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Meet Mahona: a salt producer and iodization advocate in Tanzania

Iodine is a critical micronutrient that is essential for brain development. But not everyone consumes a diet that naturally contains sufficient levels of iodine. Fortifying salt with iodine, as recommended by the World Health Organization, is an effective way for populations at risk of iodine deficiency disorder to receive the micronutrient they need.

Nutrition International works with the Government of Tanzania and other partners to support the enforcement of the salt iodization law in the country, enhance adequately iodized salt production, and advocate for salt industry consolidation. We support national and regional government commitments to achieve optimal iodine nutrition by facilitating the availability and accessibility of modernized iodization technologies and increasing awareness about iodine and its importance amongst salt producers, salt traders, healthcare workers and consumers through social mobilization and communications.

Meet a salt producer who has become an advocate for salt iodization in his community, and see how he’s using the training and support from Nutrition International.

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