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Ottawa, CANADA – Nutrition International applauds Canada’s increased support to global COVID-19 response and recovery efforts and commitment to boost its international development investments annually.

Canada’s commitment of $220M to the COVID-19 Vaccine Global Access (COVAX) Facility on September 25th and an additional $400M announced on September 29th for development and humanitarian assistance at the United Nations’ High-Level Event on Financing for Development in the Era of COVID-19 and Beyond demonstrate that Canada is willing to walk the talk when it comes to global leadership.

“To end COVID-19 we have to act locally and globally at an unprecedented scale. Countries must step up and step forward – and that is exactly what Canada is doing,” said Joel Spicer, President and CEO of Nutrition International.
“We’re concerned not only about the direct impacts of the pandemic, but the knock-on effects as well. On the immediate horizon is a perfect storm of increasing poverty, faltering education, and a malnutrition crisis that threatens to reverse a decade of progress and create a lost generation. We can change this outcome if we lean-in together. Canada’s commitments this week are encouraging and essential for leading a recovery that is equitable, resilient and lasting.”

Throughout the pandemic, we have worked closely with national governments to drive safe, evidence-informed approaches to maintain services, address emerging needs, and find innovative means of delivering support to those who need it most. The Government of Canada is a key partner in our ability to bridge evidence into action at scale, taking a no-missed opportunities approach to improve nutrition and drive human capital gains, with a focus on women and girls. These newest investments will be a crucial step forward as the world works to recover now and build a stronger, more resilient future.