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NI president Joel Spicer and PORALG minister of state open office in Dodoma

Dodoma, TANZANIA – On February 7, Nutrition International officially opened its office in Dodoma, following President John Magufuli’s decision to relocate the government’s administration from Dar es Salaam.

Since opening its Tanzania office in Dar es Salaam in 2016, Nutrition International has worked closely with the government to implement nutrition interventions and improve health and nutrition in the country, particularly for women, adolescents and children. The relocation demonstrates Nutrition International’s commitment to continue to work closely with the government.

Suleiman Jafo, the minister of state in the President’s Office for Regional Administration and Local Governments, attended the event and spoke about the important role nutrition plays in a country’s development.

“You need appropriate nutrition if you want a better human capital for production,” said the Mr. Jafo. “The nutrition challenge comes with a lot of health complications, thus undermining one’s development.”

Joel Spicer, president and CEO of Nutrition International, noted that the organization is committed to helping the government scale up nutrition interventions and will continue to provide technical and financial support.

The Tanzanian government has made nutrition a priority. This includes deploying nutrition officers at the regional and council levels, including nutrition in budgeting guidelines, and allocating funds for nutrition interventions for children under five. These efforts have made progress, particularly in stunting, where the prevalence has fallen from 34.7% in 2014 to 31.8% in 2018.

The office opening was also attended by Nutrition International Regional Director Dr. Richard Pendame, Nutrition International Country Director Dr. Daniel Nyagaway, representatives of government ministries, members of parliament, and other stakeholders.

Nutrition International’s new office is located at the PSSSF Building, along Uhindini Street, Dodoma, Block W.