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Dhaka, Bangladesh: Nutrition International, in partnership with the National Nutrition Services, Institute of Public Health Nutrition (NNS-IPHN), has developed and launched an e-learning application for the National Vitamin A-Plus Campaign (NVAC+).

Application users can access media content on the NVAC+ operational guidelines for conducting campaign-related activities in line with government directions. The application provides more people, including frontline volunteers, health service providers and their supervisors, with information about the vitamin A campaign, allows them to track and evaluate learning and knowledge levels, and helps with the certification of learners.

“Digitalization is highly preferred by the Government of Bangladesh. The launch of the NVAC+ eLearning Solution – a digital platform available at a comparatively low cost with high impact – is a landmark step in the nutrition sector,” said Dr. S. M. Mustafizur Rahman, Line Director, NNS-IPHN. “It will not only create a vibrant pathway to transform the digitalization process but also build the capacity of the community health workers and volunteers involved in the NVAC+ activities.”

The mobile application features solutions that have self-paced and self-directed learning outcomes. It was designed to enable interactive learning processes and collaborative learning spaces. The application consists of interesting games and activities that improve the learning experience while also encouraging a cyclical process of monitoring and evaluation.

“As Nutrition International celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, we are grateful for the trusted partnership we have built with the Government of Bangladesh to jointly script the country’s nutrition transformation,” said Saiqa Siraj, Country Director, Nutrition International Bangladesh. “We are proud of our technical support to the bi-annual NVAC+ – one of the most successful and largest public health programs in Bangladesh committed to reducing childhood mortality and morbidity. With the launch of the NVAC+ e-learning application, we are working towards strengthening this program, so it reaches millions of children, even in the farthest corners of the country.”

NNS-IPHN, with support from Nutrition International and other key stakeholders, successfully finalized the NVAC+ management guideline in September 2022. These guidelines formed the foundation of the e-learning application. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, particularly the Management Information System, Directorate General of Health Services, and the Directorate General of Family Planning, played a critical role in the application’s development and operationalization.

The NVAC+ e-learning solution, available on the website of the Directorate General of Health Services, will improve the capacity of the nation’s 300,000 community health workers and volunteers who work on the ground to implement the bi-annual NVAC+ program.