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Nutrition International is disappointed that the United Kingdom is stepping back from its historic leadership role in international development, and particularly in nutrition. The UK is a global nutrition leader, and its programmes have reached more than 60 million women, adolescent girls, and children under five since 2015. Partners and people on the ground are looking to the UK to maintain its funding commitments and protect the considerable progress it has achieved around the world.

COVID-19 has only increased the urgency of the malnutrition crisis. If a narrow pandemic response is prioritised over other global health issues, malnutrition will have catastrophic impacts on both health and education outcomes, resulting in lives lost and devastating increases in economic and gender disparity.

Funding for nutrition will provide vital support to underpin progress in government priority areas such as girls’ education and global health. We ask that the UK reaffirm its commitment to global nutrition to provide the certainty that is urgently needed on the ground to continue to improve the lives of women, girls and children.