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NEW YORK – Today, Canada underscored its leadership in advocating for the health, rights and well-being of women and girls everywhere. Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, the Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau and Katja Iverson, President and CEO of Women Deliver, were among the honoured guests present as Canada officially took over from Denmark as champion of Women Deliver and host of their 2019 Conference.

Women Deliver, a global organization advocating on behalf of women and girls, brought together 6,000 participants for its last conference in Copenhagen in 2016, the largest gathering focusing exclusively on women and girls in a decade. As a result of a collaboration between Nutrition International and Women Deliver, the 2016 Conference was also the first to make women and girls’ nutrition a cornerstone issue.

“Ensuring women and girls are healthy and well-nourished is key to empowering them to achieve their dreams. Better nutrition supports better educational outcomes which opens the doors to increased earnings, equality and empowerment. Nutrition International will continue to work with Women Deliver and the Government of Canada to ensure women and girls everywhere have access to the nutrition they need to grow, learn, earn and lead.”
-Joel Spicer, President and CEO, Nutrition International

Malnutrition is a major obstacle for more than one billion women and girls across the globe. As a result their contributions, their voices and their lives are missing from our global economy and collective story. But they don’t have to be, and nutrition is the difference. It’s the difference between attending school and learning there. Between giving birth to a child and giving her life. Between fighting a disease and surviving it. It is the difference between what could be and what never gets the chance.

Nutrition International, a global nutrition organization headquartered in Ottawa, aims to transform the lives of one billion vulnerable people – especially women, adolescent girls and children – by improving their nutritional status by 2030. Through programs like Right Start, a multi-faceted initiative aimed at women and girls, and N-LIFT, a program that integrates nutrition into existing non-nutrition platforms, and N-TEAM, a global hub of technical expertise, Nutrition International is getting improved nutrition to the people who need it most.