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Ottawa, CANADA – The Global Nutrition Report 2017 was officially launched in Canada at the “Nutrition: Cornerstone of Gender Equality” conference.

The Report, which was released globally on November 4th, found that almost every country in the world now faces a serious nutrition-related challenge, stemming from undernutrition or obesity.

Key findings of the Report were presented by Luz María De-Regil, Nutrition International’s Vice-President, Global Technical Services, who was part of the Independent Expert Group that produced the report.

She emphasized that addressing malnutrition is key to achieving gender equality.

“Women and girls can only have equal opportunities to grow, learn, earn and lead when they have adequate nutrition. Gender equality and nutrition need to be addressed universally, across the Sustainable Development Goals, with women and girls empowered to act as advocates for their own health and nutrition.” – Luz María De-Regil, Vice-President, Global Technical Services, Nutrition International

Her Royal Highness Princess Sarah Zeid of Jordan, a maternal and newborn health and nutrition champion, provided the keynote address of the conference.

“Good nutrition is fundamental to unlocking the health, wellbeing and full potential of girls and women. Well-nourished mothers will give birth to healthier children. Well-nourished children are less likely to develop chronic illnesses, are more likely to thrive in the classroom, and are able to break the cycle of poverty. We have the largest generation of adolescents and young girls in history. If they are supported and empowered with necessary tools and resources ― in combination with good nutrition ― we’ll see a ripple effect not only affecting their future, but the future of their families, communities, and countries.” – Princess Sarah Zeid

The Report found ‘significant burdens’ of childhood stunting, anaemia or obesity present in all 140 countries studied ― and a further 88 percent face a serious burden of two or three of these forms of malnutrition.

Hosted by a coalition of 11 international development organizations, the conference aimed to highlight nutrition’s critical role in women’s empowerment, and the need for urgent nutrition action to reach the Sustainable Development Goals.

Members of the coalition are:

• Action Against Hunger
• CARE Canada
• Canadian Partnership for Women and Children’s Health
• Nutrition International
• Plan International
• RESULTS Canada
• Save the Children
• WaterAid Canada
• Women Deliver
• World Vision Canada

Following the conference, the coalition plans to continue to work to raise awareness of the importance of nutrition for sustainable development, in Canada and globally.

Download the Global Nutrition Report 2017