Our research, evidence generation and delivery science is the key to
more effective nutrition programming.

We work to bring evidence into action, and support countries to introduce and scale-up proven essential nutrition actions through four main avenues:

  • Help countries translate global recommendations for their unique country contexts using direct technical assistance
  • Implementation research to inform the scale up of proven essential nutrition actions, and unblock barriers to successful program implementation
  • Assurance of the quality our interventions through regular collection, analysis and dissemination of program monitoring data
  • Capacity development for counterparts to increase knowledge and improve the practices in nutrition and its cross-cutting areas


We work with partners to ensure that good nutrition is adequately prioritized and resourced at the global, national and local level.

On the global stage, we share our technical expertise with decision-makers to ensure that nutrition remains high on the global development agenda, that the linkages between nutrition and the SDGs are well understood, and that funding flows to the most effective nutrition interventions. This includes:

  • Partnering across sectors to highlight nutrition’s contributions to gender equality, education, economic development, climate change, and other key sectors
  • Sharing our latest research and policy recommendations with leading development partners
  • Supporting global governance for nutrition including the SUN movement

At the national and local level, we advocate that national and local governments increase their funding for nutrition by:

  • Developing health and human capital impact analyses for decision-makers to support advocacy for nutrition investments
  • Creating forums for dialogue about nutrition and its contributions to sustainable development
  • Convening civil society advocates for nutrition

With Good Nutrition She’ll Grow Into It

We launched the With Good Nutrition She’ll Grow Into It campaign in 2017 to raise awareness about the importance of good nutrition in helping girls achieve their dreams. The campaign bridges the missing link between good nutrition for girls and the broader movement towards gender equality, all while reinforcing the messages of the women’s empowerment movement and challenging accepted gender norms and stereotypes. The message is simple — girls can become anything and everything they want to be, and good nutrition is key to getting them there.

Visit the campaign website

Technical Expertise

We provide technical assistance to build better nutrition plans, more effective programs and stronger local ownership.

We actively seek to identify gaps and provide timely, coordinated and expert support to build the capacity of countries to scale up nutrition interventions.

We use a country-driven, coordinated approach to ensure that all partners committed to improving nutrition are connected and consulted, and that all systems for nutrition delivery are harmonized to achieve maximum impact.

Our technical assistance work includes, but is not limited to, supporting government to:

  • Develop evidence-informed policies, guidelines, regulations, standards or curricula
  • Develop nutrition strategies and costed national nutrition plans
  • Continuously improve the quality of program design, implementation and monitoring systems for proven nutrition interventions
  • Use research to identify and overcome barriers to scaling up nutrition
  • Evaluate programs, and disseminating lessons learned
  • Innovate solutions for greater impact