Our work is guided by a dedicated and talented team of experts working globally and at regional levels to end malnutrition worldwide.

Our Global Technical Services (GTS) Unit drives continuous improvements in the quality of Nutrition International’s programs and enables the efforts of global partners through technical leadership, evidence and data, and innovative products and services.

We help translate evidence into strong policies that provide high-quality nutrition programs to serve the people who need them most.

GTS continues to move forward with proven methods while exploring new approaches, forging meaningful technical partnerships, and sharing knowledge through relevant products and services.


Surveillance plays an essential role in sparking new policy and determining whether existing policies and programs are meeting their targets in reducing malnutrition.

Our nutrition information systems team supports all program surveillance activities, providing guidance on program monitoring and quality assurance of coverage surveys to quantify Nutrition International’s contribution through our nutrition programs.

This team supports our regional and country officers in ensuring the quality of Nutrition International’s programs, as well as providing technical support and capacity-building to government agencies interested in large-scale micronutrient and food consumption surveys.

Activities include:

  • Supporting local teams to refine and prioritize surveillance needs
  • Developing survey tools and protocols that address those needs
  • Providing quality assured training, data collection, analyses, and reporting
  • Building capacity of local teams through this process of technical support
  • Supporting governments to improve their monitoring and reporting
  • Developing modeling tools that define expected nutrition impacts

Research and evaluation

In assessing our existing programs and testing innovative approaches to program delivery, we generate compelling evidence for nutrition interventions and scale-up.

Nutrition International has over 20 active research projects, including randomised trials, demonstration projects, cost effectiveness studies, evaluations, and sustainability of nutrition interventions. Every year, our global staff publish more than 25 peer reviewed publications.

Our evaluation and strategic research team:

  • Generates proof of concept, which examines the efficacy, safety, acceptability, and viability of promising nutrition interventions
  • Builds evidence of the implementation efficiency of Nutrition International’s programs and their impact on the targeted population
  • Provides program design support and uses implementation research to inform, course correct, and improve program implementation and delivery