The need

While Bangladesh has made significant progress in reducing poverty and improving food production, 22 million of its 165 million people continue to live below the poverty line.

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Rapid growth enabled Bangladesh to achieve ‘lower middle-income country’ status in 2015, as per the World Bank’s classification.

Despite rigorous development efforts, Bangladesh still suffers from the burden of malnutrition:

  • 36% of children under five are stunted
  • 33% of children under five are underweight
  • 14% of children under five are wasted
  • 24% of pregnant women suffer from anaemia
  • 19% of adolescent girls aged 15 to 19 are malnourished

Our solution

Together, we’re improving women and children’s health through better nutrition.

Nutrition International has been working in Bangladesh since 1995 as a trusted partner in addressing malnutrition through:

  • Improving the health, nutrition, and survival of children under five with:
    • Vitamin A supplementation
    • Zinc and oral rehydration salts for treating diarrhoea
  • Improving the nutrition, health and wellbeing of adolescent girls and women through the promotion of nutritional practices and iron and folic acid supplementation
  • Improving the nutrition, health and survival of pregnant women and newborns with:
    • Iron-folic acid supplementation and antenatal care
    • Enhanced maternal and child nutrition services
  • Improving the nutrition, health, development and productivity of the general population with:
    • Universal salt iodization
    • Rice fortification
  • Contributing to a reduction of maternal and child mortality by improving delivery of basic nutrition and nutrition-sensitive services, increasing consumption and utilization of nutritious foods and supplements, and strengthening governance and social accountability
  • Designing national nutrition plans for delivery across sectors

Our Technical Assistance for Nutrition (TAN) project, which improves the capacity of Scaling Up Nutrition movement countries, has helped:

  • Support the operationalization of Bangladesh’s National Plan of Action for Nutrition 2
  • Strengthen multi-sectoral nutrition monitoring, evaluation, and reporting
  • Formulate the advocacy plan for nutrition aligned with the Social and Behaviour Change Communication Strategy for Bangladesh
  • Build the external communication capacity of the Bangladesh National Nutrition Council
  • Establish a Nutrition Cell in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

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