The need

The trend of nutrition indicators in the Philippines shows a lack of improvement―and in some cases it has been worsening since 2003.

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The Philippines is grappling with severe malnutrition, with a high prevalence of wasting, stunting, micronutrient deficiencies and overweight among children and women.

Without additional interventions, the cost of malnutrition to the economy is estimated at nearly USD $4 billion annually.

Our solution

Working with the government and partners, we’re strengthening the country’s health and nutrition programs to improve the lives of women and children.

Nutrition International’s work includes:

  • Strengthening government health systems and service delivery
  • Building capacity of healthcare workers
  • Improving knowledge of caretakers and mothers on key nutrition interventions
  • Improving the uptake of nutrition services and commodities

We share our knowledge of best practices and innovative solutions to inform government policies and make programs and services more effective, inclusive and sustainable.

We aim to achieve four key and complementary strategic objectives in the Philippines:

  • Improve the nutrition, health and survival of pregnant and postpartum women, their newborns and children six to 23 months through the first 1,000 days
  • Improve the nutrition, health, and wellbeing of adolescent girls and women 20 to 49 years of age
  • Improve the nutrition, health, development and productivity of the general population
  • Strengthen nutrition governance and increase resourcing for nutrition

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