When malnutrition holds back entire nations, sharing the information needed to address the issues must be a top priority.

Nutrition International believes that knowledge—rigorously obtained, generously shared and soundly applied —provides the basis for effective decision making and action for nutrition.

Through NTEAM (Nutrition Technical Assistance Mechanism), we ensure that this knowledge and our expertise are put to work to help scale up nutrition for those who need it most.


Our global team of technical experts works with governments and organizations to save and improve lives with high-impact nutrition programs.

Our expertise

A team of specialists and advisors, based in our headquarters in Ottawa, Canada and in our regional offices in Africa and Asia, provide technical oversight and quality assurance to product development and technical assistance provision.

Our specialists contribute knowledge and guidance on:

  • Multisectoral nutrition programming
  • Capacity building for nutrition-smart investments
  • Costed nutrition action plans and financing
  • Nutrition and health system strengthening
  • Guidance on implementation of nutrition interventions
  • Nutrition information systems, surveillance and program evaluations
  • Food systems
  • Nutrition capacity for the private sector
  • Infant and young child health and nutrition
  • Maternal and newborn health and nutrition
  • Adolescent and women’s nutrition
  • Delivery science

NTEAM has an extensive community of partners, nutrition advocates and national and international consultants who work with us to maximize the effectiveness and breadth of solutions we can offer.

How we help

We use a country-driven, coordinated approach to improve nutrition scale-up and outcomes.

Our country-driven, coordinated approach ensures that all partners (donors, national governments, civil society and community groups) who are committed to improving nutrition outcomes are connected and consulted, and that all systems for nutrition delivery are harmonized to achieve maximum impact.

For example, through the TAN project, funded with UK aid from the UK government, NTEAM provides timely, coordinated and expert support to build the capacity of countries to scale up nutrition for the benefit of at-risk populations, such as women, adolescent girls and children under five.

As part of TAN, Nutrition International provides 20 governments and the SUN Movement Secretariat with short- and long-term expert advice on best practices for scaling up their nutrition programs.


Are you an active NTEAM Technical Assistance Provider?

NTEAM’s Technical Assistance Provider Portal (TAPP) has useful information and resources to help you with your technical assistance assignment. You can access NTEAM’s TAPP using the sign on information provided to you when you started your assignment. If you have an active contract with NTEAM, and are having any issues accessing the portal, please contact TAPP@nutritionint.org.

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How we help

We provide the technical assistance that development partners, financial institutions, private sector, donors and foundations need to become global nutrition champions.

NTEAM works in close collaboration with development partners, financial institutions, donors and foundations, and the private sector to maximize the impact of their investments in nutrition. We provide practical guidance and capacity building for nutrition integration to help partners expand their reach of essential nutrition actions.

For example, NTEAM provides technical assistance to multilateral development banks to:

  • Integrate nutrition programming into their lending instruments
  • Leverage their investments towards achieving nutrition outcomes for the populations that they serve

When development banks invest in nutrition outcomes and take on the role of global nutrition champions:

  • Governments step up their commitment towards addressing malnutrition in their populations
  • Additional funding opportunities for nutrition are unlocked

The commitment of development banks to track spending on nutrition:

  • Elevates nutrition as an important global development issue with potential for huge impact
  • Amplifies the impact nutrition programmes have on development outcomes

How we help

We translate nutrition knowledge, lessons and best practices into knowledge products that guide nutrition programming.

Our knowledge products illustrate best practices in data generation, research, policy, planning and nutrition intervention programming. They include:

  • Education and training on data-driven decision-making, nutrition integration into traditional and non-traditional platforms, delivery science, and more
  • Guidance documents and toolkits to support nutrition programming and intervention scale up
  • Broad dissemination of research and sharing technical collaboration outputs

How we help

We are committed to collaborating with our global partners to keep nutrition at the leading edge of health and development agendas.

As a leader in the design and provision of large-scale global nutrition programs for 30 years, Nutrition International knows how to effectively engage and leverage partners, countries, donors and implementers to improve the nutritional status of millions of people.

Nutrition is a cornerstone of health for all populations, and we believe addressing malnutrition is a public good that links all populations.