Jacqueline Kung’u, Banda Ndiaye, Crispin Ndedda, Girma Mamo, Mame Bineta Ndiaye, Dr. Richard Pendame, Lynnette Neufeld, James Mwitari, Hentsa Haddush Desta, Marietou Diop, Maimouna Doudou, and Luz Maria De‐Regil.

Published: March 1, 2018


This paper aimed to describe the rationale and methods considered by Nutrition International when implementing demonstration Community-Based Maternal and Neonatal Health and Nutrition (CBMNH-N) projects in four countries in Africa.

Custom community-based intervention packages were implemented in Ethiopia, Kenya, Niger, and Senegal to improve maternal and newborn health through greater quality and provision of health services including nutrition. This approach had four steps: (1) initiation of the project activities, (2) Developing detailed project logic models, (3) Identifying the rational for selection of key performance indicators, (4) Evaluation of the CBMNH-N projects.

Fundamental building blocks to implementing health packages with nutrition were discussed, including community support, accountability, building capacity, early dialogue, and a common results framework. Each country’s tailored intervention package and its results are described in this paper.


Maternal and Child Nutrition