Vanessa Pike, Abigail Kaplan Ramage, Anjali Bhardwaj, Jennifer Busch-Hallen, and Marion Roche.

Published: January 24, 2021


This peer-reviewed publication summarizes Nutrition International’s research exploring Bangladeshi pregnant adolescent girls’ experiences and decision-making related to nutrition and antenatal care (ANC). Using Technologically Enabled Girl Ambassadors (TEGAs), key themes explored included perception of adolescent pregnancy, experiences in seeking ANC, dietary practices, sources of information, and roles of family members. Families were highly influential on the care seeking, health, and nutrition of adolescents. Adolescents valued family support but felt a loss of autonomy and agency upon becoming pregnant. It is essential to engage family members and adolescents in initiatives to increase access to quality ANC, improve dietary practices, and support delayed pregnancy.

DOI: 10.111/mcn.13159