Moshood O. Omotayo, Katherine L. Dickin, David L. Pelletier, Stephanie L. Martin, Jacqueline Kung’u, and Rebecca J. Stoltzfus.

Published: March 1, 2018


This paper addressed the barriers to integrating calcium supplementation in antenatal care.

To overcome these barriers, the researchers distributed job aids to healthcare providers, provided capacity building on counseling and supplementation, and designed behaviour change materials for women receiving antenatal supplementation. Resulting data was collected from 16 healthcare facilities and 990 women regarding availability of supplements and job aids, and effects of supplementation.

By designing and implementing a program impact pathway model to integrate calcium with iron-folate supplementation in Kenya, this study was able to exemplify how calcium integration is feasible under the right environment, including when supply chain, health worker education and regimen are taken into account.


Maternal and Child Nutrition