Kendra Siekmans.


Assessing progress towards the Movement’s objectives and the Sustainable Development Goals for a world without hunger and malnutrition requires the alignment of globally agreed monitoring frameworks and initiatives. The SUN MEAL system will be the means for measuring the extent to which the SUN Movement is achieving results and impact.

Progress is assessed based on indicators in eight domains of the Theory of Change including: (1) Enabling environment, (2) Finance for nutrition, (3) Interventions and food supply, (4) SDG drivers of nutrition, (5) Enacted legislations, (6) IYCF and dietary intake, (7) Nutrition status, and (8) SDGs linked to nutrition. MEAL primarily relies on secondary data complemented by primary data collected by the SUN Movement Secretariat and SUN Networks.

The SUN Movement 2016 MEAL Baseline Comprehensive Report provides a detailed and comprehensive analysis for all MEAL indicators and is accompanied by a 10-page Executive Summary of key findings and implications for actions.

The Executive Summary is a 10-page document that provides key findings from the 2016 Baseline Report and implications for action.

For more information on the Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, Learning (MEAL) system Results Framework and the full list of MEAL Indicators and Data Sources, read the “SUN Movement Monitoring Evaluation, Accountability, Learning (MEAL) Baseline Document 2017”. This document contains the “SUN MEAL Results Framework,” “Lists of Indicators and Data Sources” and also shows the “Alignment with Internationally Agreed Frameworks and Monitoring Initiatives”.

The MEAL Dashboard Guidance Note provides an overview of the dashboard tool and describes how it can be used at the global and country levels. This tool aims to help SUN Movement stakeholders track progress, identify performance patterns and inform strategic decisions by using standard indicators.

All SUN countries have their own 2016 MEAL Baseline Country Dashboard report. To review a country dashboard example, read the (MEAL) 2016-2020 Country Dashboard- Country A”.

The All SUN Countries Dashboard Colour-coded Excel file compares all MEAL indicators for 59 SUN countries. It also provides an overview of the Performance by Country and of the Overall Scoring by Country based on a subset of MEAL indicators for which at least 75% of countries have data coverage.