Gonzalez-Casanova, Nguyen PH, Young MF, Kim Harding, Reinhart G, Nguyen H, Nechitillo M, Truong TV, Pham H, Nguyen S, and Neufeld LM.

Published: May 16, 2017


The present study examines the predictors of adherence to weekly preconception and prenatal micronutrient supplements among 5,011 women of reproductive age in Vietnam. Adherence data was collected prospectively from a double blind randomized controlled trial. Multivariate logistic regression was used to assess individual, household, and programmatic predictors of supplement adherence. Key determinants negatively associated with adherence to preconception supplementation included low socioeconomic status, minority ethnicity, and occupation (farmer). Additionally, women in their first pregnancy had lower prenatal adherence compared to women who had carried multiple pregnancies. Increased contact with village health workers was positively associated with adherence to micronutrient supplementation both before conception and during pregnancy.

Authors conclude the predictors of supplement adherence may be helpful for targeting women for counseling and indicate the need for resources to support community outreach to women of reproductive age.