Sonja Y. Hess, Césaire T. Ouédraogo, Ibrahim F. Bamba, K. Ryan Wessells, Nancy Keith, Thierno Faye, Banda Ndiaye, Maimouna Doudou, and Jennifer Nielsen.

Published: September 19, 2017


This study explores the use of antenatal care (ANC) and iron folic acid (IFA) supplements in Niger by investigating barriers and beliefs of ANC and IFA supplementation among pregnant women, by assessing ANC services currently being provided, and by using findings to inform improvements in ANC and IFA supplementation programs.

To understand these objectives, structured in-home interviews and focus groups were conducted with pregnant women in four randomly selected villages in rural Zinder, Niger. ANC consultations were observed in five randomly selected health centers and exit interviews were conducted with all pregnant women and 7 health agents after these observations.

Findings related to ANC visits and IFA supplements were used to design a 3-pronged intervention including behaviour change communication activities in communities; quality improvement activities in health centers to strengthen ANC; and provision of key supplies required for ANC.