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Father’s Day holds different meanings for different people. At Nutrition International, it symbolizes opportunity. In several regions around the world male involvement in maternal and child health issues is hardly discussed. Our programs aim to reject these taboos and help fathers and adolescent boys feel empowered to become health and nutrition champions by creating spaces for discourse that challenges cultural gender norms and roles. In honour of Father’s Day, join us in celebrating the stories of dads around the world who are prioritizing the health and wellbeing of their families.

Read the story: Fathers help increase vitamin A coverage in Tanzania

Father sits on a chair at a health clinic carrying his son on his front and holding his daughter behind him.

Men must be part of the conversations around gender equity. In Tanzania, we saw gender norms shift as an awareness campaign targeted fathers to be active participants in getting their children vitamin A supplementation. “At first, it was very difficult for men to bring our children to health facilities, but the encouragement from village workers and our neighbourhood leaders really attracted us and today you see us here bringing children for care,” said Alphonce Maduhu, father of two kids under five.


Read the story: Breaking down barriers for fathers in Kenya

It is essential to redefine gender roles in the fight against malnutrition. Nutrition International  is breaking down the cultural barriers and taboos that previously defined the roles of men and women in the family. Implemented in 21 counties in Kenya, the game changing program facilitates open dialogue between men and women about nutrition and health. This cultural transformation that has resulted in men caring for their wives and children as a moral responsibility, not as a sign of ‘weakness’.


Read the story: Transforming the meaning of fatherhood in Kenya

Father-to-father support groups give the men of Kakamega County, Kenya the opportunity to become advocates for maternal and newborn health and nutrition. This revolutionary shift in approach to fatherhood not only provides education on maternal, newborn and child health and nutrition, but also dispels many common falsehoods that are damaging to the health of pregnant women and children.


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Engaging men and boys in the global health space is key as we work toward a more equitable world. Our programs offer the opportunity to influence both fathers and adolescent boys by creating safe spaces for conversations that challenges gender norms and roles within the household. “By creating space for this type of dialogue… we are seeing male mindsets shift from traditional notions of manhood and fatherhood,” said Sarah Pentlow, Senior Program Officer, Gender Mainstreaming, Nutrition International.


As we continue the quest toward gender equity, we are committed to empowering fathers, men and boys globally with the health and nutrition knowledge they need through our interventions and programming. On behalf of Nutrition International, Happy Father’s Day!