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Dibocor Sall is a small-scale salt harvester in the village of Farabougou in the Kaolack region of Senegal. The salt he harvests is sold in markets throughout Senegal, at prices lower than the salt from large companies.

But there’s something missing in Dibocor’s salt – an adequate amount of iodine, essential to a child’s brain development.

Dibocor needs a new way to iodize his salt and the Micronutrient Initiative, harnessing the strength of its partners, including the World Food Programme, UNICEF and Senegal’s Cellule de lutte contre la malnutrition, may have the solution – a sustainable solution for all of Senegal´s small producers.

Follow Dibocor across the salt flats of Kaolack as he learns how to give children a brighter future through an innovative method of iodization.

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A Lonely Cove Production for the Micronutrient Initiative.