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Support from Power of Nutrition will help Nutrition International scale up nutrition interventions for children

Ottawa, CANADA – Nutrition International has been selected by The Power of Nutrition as an implementing partner, unlocking the potential for increased investment and scale-up of proven nutrition interventions to improve the nutritional status of children in Africa and Asia.

Launched in 2015, The Power of Nutrition is an innovative foundation that builds effective partnerships between investors and implementers to support efforts to reduce undernutrition and stunting at scale. Through its innovative financing model, it guarantees that every dollar of private funding is multiplied at least four times. Investor funds are doubled by The Power of Nutrition, then matched by an implementing partner.

“The Power of Nutrition plays an important role in closing the financing gap for proven nutrition interventions,” said Joel Spicer, President and CEO of Nutrition International. “By attracting additional financing, and working to power up partnerships that focus on delivery, we can achieve a much greater level of impact. We’re excited about the potential of our partnership with the Power or Nutrition because more children will have access to the nutrition they need to grow, to dream and to thrive.”

The Power of Nutrition works with a select group of implementing partners that have the technical expertise and ability to design impactful interventions and put them into action. In close collaboration with local governments, these partners work on the ground to deliver innovative and effective nutrition interventions to help children grow to reach their full potential.

 “World Class delivery partners who can take vital interventions to scale are an essential part of The Power of Nutrition’s approach, so we are delighted to establish this new relationship with Nutrition International,” said Martin Short, Chief Executive of The Power of Nutrition. “Working with Nutrition International will help to open up new investment opportunities for The Power of Nutrition and the funders that we work with, enabling us to support vital work that tackles undernutrition and stunting at scale – and which will give millions more children the opportunity to live to their full potential.”

Since 2015, The Power of Nutrition has worked with its original implementing partners – UNICEF and the World Bank – to transform investments into successful interventions. Recently, The Power of Nutrition has begun to expand its list of implementing partners, widening its scope of strength and expertise.