Moshood O Omotayo, Katherine L Dickin, Kimberly O O’Brien, Lynnette M Neufeld, Luz Maria De Regil, and Rebecca J Stoltzfus.

Published: March 9, 2016


The WHO issued a strong recommendation that pregnant women be provided calcium supplements to prevent preeclampsia, a leading cause of global maternal mortality. As health systems seek to implement this new intervention, a number of issues require further clarification and guidance. This study summarized key evidence on dosage regimen, supplement formulation, and alignment with other antenatal nutritional interventions and offer views on good practices.

Further research is warranted to clarify issues related to minimum effective dose, timing of initiation, mode of administration, side effects and mitigating measures. Research is also ‘urgently’ needed to understand barriers and factors that will facilitate acceptability, adherence, and feasibility of full-scale implementation.




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