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Investing in adolescent nutrition in Bangladesh

Grade 9 student Joya is school leader when it comes to good nutrition. She wants to be a lawyer when she grows up and she knows the importance of good nutrition to help make her dream a reality.

Joya’s school is one of 2,200 participating in a new school-based adolescent nutrition program. In March 2022, the Government of Bangladesh, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, started to distribute weekly iron and folic acid supplementation (WIFAS) to adolescent girls in addition to providing nutrition education to both girls and boys.

Find out what Joya and her peers are learning through the program.

In Bangladesh, approximately one-fifth of the total population is made up of adolescents. Nutrition International is working in partnership with the national and subnational governments to provide adolescents with the nutrition they need, when they need it. Learn more about our work.