Making women and girls' nutrition a priority

Nutrition is critically important for women, girls, and communities today and for future generations. While it’s estimated that one billion women and girls worldwide suffer from malnutrition, the nutrition of women and girls is seldom a funding or policy priority.

The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), which reaches 10 million girls in 150 countries, is in a unique position to shift this narrative by promoting girl-led change through nutrition education, community action and advocacy.

Our Solution

Creating a new generation of nutrition champions

Folate/Folic Acid

Folate/Folic Acid



With support from Nutrition International through Nutrition Leverage and Influence for Transformation (NLIFT), WAGGGS has developed the Girl Powered Nutrition Programme, using a non-formal education methodology to deliver the nutrition badge curriculum. It is being piloted in four countries where malnutrition is a major problem: Madagascar, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Tanzania.

The three-phased nutrition program consists of:

  • Knowledge-building
  • Advocacy
  • Enabling access to weekly iron-folic acid supplements where needed

Girls also reach out to their communities to share nutrition knowledge and mobilize efforts to implement projects that will increase girls’ access to better nutrition. WAGGGS is capturing and disseminating lessons learned from the curriculum to influence decision-makers at the national and global levels.

Leveraging a global network of girls

The NLIFT investment leverages WAGGGS’ extensive network to educate girls on the importance of good nutrition, which will have an impact on their future, as well as the future of their families and communities.

The curriculum and activities were co-created by girls, for girls, and for their communities. These girls are also empowered to speak out for nutrition at national and global forums, creating a new generation of nutrition champions.

The Impact

Disseminating women and girls' nutrition education

This partnership raised the global profile of girls’ nutrition and improved girls and young women’s knowledge, attitudes and behaviours around nutrition, helping them make healthy choices for themselves as they gained the skills and confidence to influence their communities to do the same. The project also resulted in the global dissemination of an effective scalable model to deliver the nutrition curriculum across the WAGGGS Movement.