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Fortification Handbook: Vitamin and Mineral Fortification of Wheat Flour and Maize Meal

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Authors: Quentin Johnson, Venkatesh Mannar, Peter Ranum
Publication date: June 2004
Source: Nutrition International (formerly the Micronutrient Initiative)


This manual was prepared to serve as a guide in the development and implementation of fortification programs of wheat flour and maize meal. More than a decade of experience in advocating, designing and implementing successful flour fortification programs have contributed to the information presented in the manual. Information is provided to guide choices related to premixes, fortification methods, equipment, quality control, etc.

This manual serves as a useful tool in introducing and accelerating flour fortification wherever wheat flour or maize meal is milled in large (> 4 tons/hour) and medium (1 to 4 tons/hr) quantities. The manual also covers the fortification of cereal flours processed at small (< 1 ton/hour), decentralized mills in rural communities of many developing countries.




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